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AVOID: Don’ts.

( **Try to eliminate at all cost as possible):

Cell phone to your head, use air tube headset.

(cellphone in general close to any part of your body).
Lack of sleep 8 hours minimum and if you participate in any physical activity 9-10 hours.
Don’t sleep in excess, More than 10 hours could affect you negatively
WIFI at home or work, HOME WIFI at night is NO NO.

(will teach you how to control it if can’t avoid it).
Sitting prolong hours.
Shampoo, soap, dental paste, deodorants, cosmetics and etc….
Filter your water and shower, ask me how to reverse it and how to fix it.

(***Eliminate fluoride from your life***)
CARBS: bad and good carbs. Change to good carbs.
Throw away your microwave oven. We are serious!
Throw away your cool looking plastic water bottle! Yes, get one made out of glass.

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