Nutrition changes

Enhance & Biohack your game at your sport or discipline


How we do it

Supplements: Dosage

Personalized Program

The question is when, how, what type and for how long

6-11 weeks / Supplements/stimulants,

When, timing and optimal dosage.

First 6 weeks.

Nutrition and lifestyle

Think you are hacking a computer to make it faster, increasing it memory and prolonging it longevity.

Surprinsly the human body can be also HACK in orden to gain amazing perks and improve you well being performance.


Based on the most recent studies in human (2005 and up) we can tweak brain and body to enhance their capabilities and that also change old myth or old medical book textbook. Yes, we go against what doctor recommend or what the governments support that is causing more damage than good to us but $$$$ for them.

Some basic well -know facts examples:

Sauna: Improve any sport/athlete performance, muscle synthesis and longevity

Ginger is as affective as the most expensive potent medicine for diabetes

DBD/THC derived from weed increase sport performance and focus. Can cure CANCER

Music, binatural song improve sleep quality, focus sport performance

Watermelon increase muscle recovery

beets enhance athletes performance

Baking soda increase time exhaustion

Room temperature help to fall sleep faster without waking up

Light exposure improve sleep quality

Fats, yes FATS burns body fat quicker and more efficient.

Did you that cold exposure can increase fat oxidation 200% faster?
Do you know sauna use increase longevity and build muscle without training?
Static stretching at the right time can improve athlete performance?
Green Tea with lemon increases powerful DNA repairing catechism contained in green tea, making the tea Five TIMES stronger.

Enhance & Biohack your sleep and recovery


Each protocol will include:

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We will work remotely with you via gmail drive, text, email, Gmail camera, Skype or any other convenient way for you to recommend what you can buy and how to use it; how to read and understand ingredients on labels and etc. Also work as an open Q&A 24h a day.

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SelfBiology Investment $:

HPA Payment options

With external stress put on your body or internal coming from whole food or stimulants you body will react in a way to contrarest that stress making your body better. "Biohack"


11 weeks-9 / months: Nootropics, brain fuel high octane and smart drugs.

“Feel free to contact us via email for any backup/research you might need”

Enhance and Biohack your Brain cognitive performance

and power

Brain  fuel

Is one-on-one personalize platform that will look into your daily habits, nutrition and activities to jumpstart your lifestyle using nature as an ergogenic aid to improve and enhance your brain, sleep or athlete performance.

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